Learn About PMI Lighthouse’s Six Property Management Guarantees

Learn About PMI Lighthouse’s Six Property Management Guarantees
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DNU - PMI Lighthouse Blog Image SOCIAL5Are you a property manager or owner in Long Island looking for the best property management solution that helps you manage your property efficiently and effectively? At PMI Lighthouse, we know how challenging managing a second property (or third, or fourth, or more!) on Long Island can be. That’s why we created our six service guarantees that address all the biggest headaches of residential property management and allow property owners to step back, stress-free, knowing PMI has them covered.

Read more to learn about PMI Lighthouse’s six service guarantees for residential property management in the Long Island area.

Eviction Guarantee
The eviction process is never fun. In a perfect world, no residential property owner would ever have to evict a tenant. But if worse comes to worst, PMI Lighthouse will make sure that the eviction process for any tenant is efficient and painless, even covering up to $2000 in any costs associated if the tenant evicted was a screened tenant placed by PMI.

How the Eviction Guarantee works:

  • Subscribe to our Eviction Protection Plan in the Management Agreement.
  • New tenants with leases signed after Management Agreement is in place are immediately covered.
  • Existing tenants with leases signed prior to Management Agreement are covered after seven months.

On-Time Rent Guarantee
Getting you your money quickly each month is a top priority! With the PMI Lighthouse On-Time Rent Guarantee, we promise to have your payment in your account within 10 business days of tenant rent payment. If you don’t see your money within 10 business days, you’ll get your monthly management fee refunded—it’s that simple!

Happiness Guarantee
At PMI Lighthouse, we’re confident that our property management services will offer peace of mind and reduced stress for anyone managing a second residential property or investment property in Long Island. But if, for whatever reason, you’re not completely happy with our services, you can cancel your property management agreement without penalty with 30 days notice. We’ll wrap up any outstanding maintenance needs, invoices, and transition any tenant lease agreements and security deposit funds over to you so that the process is smooth for you and your tenants.

Pet Guarantee
Pet-friendly apartments make for happier tenants, and happy tenants are better tenants! Not only does allowing pets at your rental property make your property more valuable (and therefore more profitable), but over 70% of renters are also pet owners, which means you’ll have a much wider variety of high-quality tenants to choose from when renting. With PMI Lighthouse’s Pet Guarantee, we’ll make sure that your pet-friendly properties are covered in the leasing agreement with clear and comprehensive language that makes welcoming a tenant’s furry friends a seamless process.

Leasing Guarantee
A never-ending carousel of tenants can become incredibly time-consuming for a property owner. When PMI Lighthouse manages your rental properties on Long Island, we promise you’ll be covered if a tenant leaves you high and dry by bailing out on a lease early. This means if a tenant that we placed does not fulfill at least 9 months of the lease term, PMI Lighthouse will find a new tenant for free!

Results Guarantee
Simply put: we don’t get paid until you get paid. At PMI Lighthouse, we work for our property owners, so it’s important to us that you see results before you owe us any fees. For property management and leasing services, that means we won’t collect any management fees until we have a tenant moved in and rent is collected. We’ll also do the heavy lifting when it comes to filling a vacant property, including marketing, scheduling showings, screening applicants, drafting the lease, and facilitating tenant move-in—all before you pay us anything!

Enjoy the Benefits of Property Management Without the Stress
If you’re a property manager or rental property owner on Long Island and the surrounding areas, including Huntington, Smithtown, Babylon, Islip, and Brookhaven, let PMI Lighthouse worry about the headaches of property management and leasing so you can enjoy more life!

Give us a call today at 631-600-3616 or visit us online to find out more about our full-service property management services!