Property Maintenance Best Practices for Long Island Landlords

Property Maintenance Best Practices for Long Island Landlords

New York State's "Warranty of Habitability" law makes landlords responsible for certain repairs. The law states that renters have a right to a safe and decent property.

Long Island, New York landlords must abide by the law. Keeping your property in good condition is also a great way to attract tenants and protect your investment.

There are many perks of property maintenance, but only if it's done right. Keep reading to learn the best practices for maintaining your rentals in Long Island.

Property Management Software

Using property management software can help landlords in many ways. A tenant portal specifically allows renters to make immediate maintenance requests with ease.

This software streamlines communication between all involved parties. When you work with a property management company, software is generally included in the price for services.

The right program will allow landlords to schedule routine checks, register repair requests, and assign tasks to outside contractors. You can also track the progress of the request in real-time.

Quick Responses

Property maintenance can be a burden for landlords, but it's important to respond quickly to requests.

Once a request is submitted, notify the corresponding maintenance crew. When you work with a property management company, you'll have access to licensed professionals at any hour of the day or night.

Although you need to be quick, don't forget to prioritize emergencies to avoid as much damage as possible. Emergencies should be handled immediately to improve tenant safety.

For example, a power outage is considered an emergency. Still get to non-emergency requests quickly to keep tenants happy.

Regular Inspections

Create a home maintenance checklist for property managers to follow when inspecting the property. Regular inspections can lower repair costs as you can spot problems before they become major.

These checkups should cover the condition of the property to find unreported damages. It's also a great time to perform routine maintenance tasks like HVAC filter replacement and smoke detector checks.

Landlords always need consent from a tenant to enter the property. Schedule inspections in advance to ensure there are no disputes.

Set specific dates and don't schedule too many inspections. Under tenant-landlord laws, renters have a right to quiet enjoyment. Checking up on them too much could disturb this right and get you in trouble as a landlord.

Even though inspections are planned, you might find that a tenant is breaching their lease agreement.

Property Maintenance in Long Island Done Right

Believe it or not, there is a right way to go about property maintenance. If you want to be efficient, follow these best practices.

The best way to implement these strategies is by working with a property management company. PMI Lighthouse is a Long Island property management company that is part of the fastest-growing property management franchise.

We have property maintenance down to a tee. We communicate with tenants, owners, and vendors to cover all of your property's needs. From responsive services to transparent communication, we've got you covered.

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